Be the vibrant vegan you want to be

Look healthy, get your self-esteem back, and your stress and anxiety under control. Let me create the perfect plant-based plan for you.

Are you a self-confessed “fat vegan”, addicted to carbs and all that delicious vegan junk food out there these days? Or perhaps you have become underweight since going vegan and just want to look and feel healthy? You’ve tried everything and its taking a toll on your mental health. You’re battling society, depressed about the state of the world and knowing what’s happening to the animals isn’t helping your anxiety.

My name is Ruth Lewis-Robertson and I am a registered nutritional therapist and health coach. Like you I am vegan for the animals, but I’m also an expert in plant-based nutrition.  I can help you by creating a personalised plant-based plan to help you look and feel healthy, get your self-esteem back and manage your anxiety.

Perhaps you feel like you’ve tried everything already but it’s difficult to maintain. You’re getting down about it now and don’t like comments people make. Maybe your anxiety is stopping you plan and cook healthy meals. Now is the time to take action! Book a free mini-consultation with me now and let me help you. Click on the link below to book directly via my calendar. You will need to fill in a few short details first and then you can select a time that suits you.

Manage your mood through diet & lifestyle changes with my FREE e-book

In this free e-book I’m giving away my top tips for how to get your mental well-being back on track through vegan-friendly diet and lifestyle advice.

What the book contains:
  • 12 pages of advice on how to boost your mood naturally through diet and lifestyle
  • Vegan-friendly tips: advice aimed specifically but not exclusively to vegans
  • Information about what foods to increase and decrease
  • Information about key nutrients and how to get them
  • Tips on eating well even when you are at a low point
  • Helpful lifestyle tips around sleep and exercise

What other people say

  • I've really appreciated being able to discuss my health and nutritional needs with someone who understands my requirements as a vegan. Ruth provided me with lots of options and advice and I feel better both physically and mentally.

    Lynn, Nutrition Client, 2023