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Get your stress and anxiety under control with vegan-friendly nutrition, lifestyle and massage

You’re stressed out, your anxiety is through the roof and you feel like you’re battling the world. You want to get your health under control and not sure where to start.

Let me help! My name is Ruth Lewis-Robertson and I am a massage therapist working in Edinburgh, and a registered Nutritional Therapist, working in Edinburgh and beyond (online or in person in Edinburgh). I’ve been vegan for the animals since 2014, and I also believe in caring for myself at the same time – through holistic therapies, and eating a whole-food plant-based diet. I love watching the stress slide away from someone when they get a massage, and I am also passionate about the impact of our food on how we feel, emotionally as well as physically. As a long-term vegan, plant-based nutrition is my specialty. I am on a mission to serve the vegan community but of course everyone is welcome, from omnivores to the plant-curious.

Manage your mood through diet & lifestyle changes with my FREE e-book

In this free e-book I’m giving away my top tips for how to get your mental well-being back on track through vegan-friendly diet and lifestyle advice.

What the book contains:
  • 12 pages of advice on how to boost your mood naturally through diet and lifestyle
  • Vegan-friendly tips: advice aimed specifically but not exclusively to vegans
  • Information about what foods to increase and decrease
  • Information about key nutrients and how to get them
  • Tips on eating well even when you are at a low point
  • Helpful lifestyle tips around sleep and exercise

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What other people say

  • I've really appreciated being able to discuss my health and nutritional needs with someone who understands my requirements as a vegan. Ruth provided me with lots of options and advice and I feel better both physically and mentally.

    Lynn, Nutrition Client, 2023
  • I have a better understanding of how my mind and body work and the dietary changes Ruth suggested made a massive difference to my energy levels and bloating - I feel like I can wear nice clothes again!

    Alison, Nutrition Client, 2023
  • I had a massage with Ruth and it was the best I have ever had - the quintessence of relaxation, 100% recommend!

    Maria, Massage Client, 2022
  • I felt reborn after my 90 minute treatment, absolutely incredible

    Martha, Massage Client, 2022