Online groups and challenges

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach, I know making changes can be hard. I also know that one-to-one nutrition support can be pricey.  That’s why in 2024 I am offering group programmes and challenges, to help you stay motivated with the accountability and support of an affordable group programme.

Following the success of my Healthy Habits week long challenge in January 2024, I am currently working on some new group support. Contact me to register your interest or to find out more.

In person groups, talks and retreats

I am available for talks, group work and retreats. Would you and your team benefit from some nutrition advice, tailored to your circumstances? Perhaps you work together in a hectic office environment, you don’t have time for lunch, and find it difficult to resit the temptation of all those biscuits that are laid out in meetings? The stress is real, and you are aware of the toil this takes on your health, the health of your colleagues or employees. Let me help. I can do a one-off talk for your office away day, or support your wellbeing programme with a lunchtime weight loss or healthy eating session. Whatever you are looking for, I can help you work out what would support your team the best. Just contact me to start the conversation.

Writers’ Retreats

I teamed up with published author Caroline Young to bring you our Wellbeing for Writers retreats. Contact me to find out more or be added to the mailing list.