Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy combines the fundamental principles of naturopathic traditions with the most up-to-date, Western nutrition research.

Who can benefit?

Anyone! People may approach a Nutritional Therapist for a whole host of reasons. Sometimes it is for support with a health condition: this could be anything from arthritis, IBS, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, thyroid issues, anxiety, depression, fatigue, or any other health issue. Others are looking for support with fertility, weight management, allergies and intolerances, energy levels, general wellbeing or simply looking to find out the best diet for them.

You may already be getting medical help with a health condition, and if so it’s very important you continue with this. Nutrition can’t replace medical care but it can help your body to be in the best possible position to heal itself.

Principles of Naturopathy

Treat the person as a whole

Conventional medicine focuses on individual symptoms or diseases. The naturopathic approach is a holistic one; considering the interconnectedness of all body systems as well as emotional, environmental and social factors.

Treat the person as an individual

Naturopathy recognises that we are all different with our own unique circumstances and genetic make-up. What works for one may not work for another. When you see a nutritional therapist, your nutrition plan will be created uniquely for you.

Trust in nature

Many indigenous societies use whole and organic foods as medicine and have lower incidents of disease than we do in the West. As naturopathic practitioners we stress this use of whole foods as medicine. Hippocrates said: “nature cures, not the physician” and we believe that by working on optimising body systems, we can allow the body the best chance of healing itself.

Do no harm

Naturopathic nutrition is non-invasive with minimal risks of harmful side-effects. A good nutritional therapist should have been trained to spot ‘Red Flags’ and should refer you to your doctor if these are identified. They should also be careful to look up any medications you may be taking to avoid any contra-indications or interactions with supplement recommendations. For this reason, it is very important you tell your nutritional therapist what medications you are taking and keep them updated with any changes.

Find the Root Cause

Conventional medicine works by giving a pill for an ill, treating the symptoms of a disease. Naturopathic nutrition works by looking for the underlying cause. Nutritional therapists work by looking for potential triggers and drivers that may be affecting the way you are feeling, by gathering information from you through a health questionnaire and/or face-to-face onsultation.

Prevention over cure

Nutritional therapy aims to increase health and wellbeing through promoting the principles of a healthy lifestyle. When optimum health is established and maintained, illnesses can often be prevented in the first place.


Nutritional therapists believe in self-responsibility for health but also understand the confusion people face due to the mixed messages given in the media about what a healthy diet is. Your nutritional therapist should help you dispel the myths to aid you to find the best diet for you, motivating and empowering you to take control of your own diet.

Scientific Research

Indigenous societies have used food as medicine for millennia but thanks to modern scientific research we are starting to learn the reasons why and how good nutrition can benefit us. We are living in exciting times in the world of nutrition with more and more research emerging which increasingly backs up what tradition has known for centuries. Nutritional therapy is very much based on scientific research. It is advisable to find a therapist registered with BANT, in which case one of the requirements is to keep up to date with scientific research through continuing professional development.

What other people say

  • I've really appreciated being able to discuss my health and nutritional needs with someone who understands my requirements as a vegan. Ruth provided me with lots of options and advice and I feel better both physically and mentally.

    Lynn, Nutrition Client, 2023
  • I have a better understanding of how my mind and body work and the dietary changes Ruth suggested made a massive difference to my energy levels and bloating - I feel like I can wear nice clothes again!

    Alison, Nutrition Client, 2023
  • I had a massage with Ruth and it was the best I have ever had - the quintessence of relaxation, 100% recommend!

    Maria, Massage Client, 2022
  • I felt reborn after my 90 minute treatment, absolutely incredible

    Martha, Massage Client, 2022