Could I help you and your work team or club to get motivated to improve your diet?

I offer talks and workshops to groups. I will tailor this to your needs, focusing on the particular challenges faced by the group.


Work Teams

Do you and your colleagues work in a busy, stressful office environment? Perhaps you are a shift worker? These will bring their individual challenges to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Could I help by doing a talk as part of your team away day or team meeting? How about setting up a regular lunch-time healthy eating group?

Just get in touch to discuss your requirements and how I might be able to help.


Clubs, Sports and Groups

Do you play a sport? Could I help your team find the best diet to fit your training? Perhaps you are a yoga teacher looking to offer a nutrition workshop to your students?

Are you a member of a group that I could help? Perhaps you all have a health condition in common?

Or perhaps you are just a group of friends just looking for motivation to get fit together?

Whatever it is, just get in touch to discuss your needs. I could help with one-off workshops or ongoing support groups.

Let’s do this