Are you looking for support with a health condition? Perhaps you want to improve your energy levels or need help with weight management, fertility, or how to go vegan? Perhaps you just want some tips on the best diet for you and your family. If any of this sounds like you, you may benefit from a one-to-one consultation.

Initial Consultation:

For new clients.

Included in an initial consultation is –

  • Analysis of a detailed health questionnaire and diet diary which you will be asked to fill out in advance
  • A 90-minute consultation to discuss your case in further detail and to agree your personal Nutrition Plan which will be based on what your personal goals, and what you feel is practical and achievable for you.
  • A printed personal Nutrition Plan including lifestyle advice and details of any recommended supplements or tests.
  • A 15% discount (for life!) on any supplements or products bought through the Natural Dispensary website.

Cost: £75.

Follow-up consultation:

For some, one consultation may be all they need to get on the right track. But most find it beneficial to come to at least one follow-up session in order to review progress, build on it and tweak as required. Some people find it beneficial to receive long-term support from a Nutritional Therapist. It is always entirely up to you.

Included in a follow-up consultation is –

  • A 60-minute consultation to discuss successes, challenges and new goals; and to agree your revised plan.
  • A printed revised Nutrition Plan, as above

Cost: £40.

Health MOT Package:

Book an initial consultation and a follow-up at the same time for £100.


Consultations usually take place from Blue Morpho Centre on Broughton Street in Edinburgh but other options are available, please get in touch to find out more.

I am keen that my services are open to all, please contact me to discuss concessionary discounts.